Terms and Conditions

*Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

*Disclaimer: We recommend the CDC Guidelines on proper face mask care for our masks. There is no guarantee that our masks prevent Covid-19 and we explicitly urge our customers to maintain cleanliness and to clean your mask often. We are not responsible for any negative impact that may occur from improper use or care of our masks. Please follow the guidelines set by the CDC here:


Required Order Information
Custom orders will not begin processing until artwork and sales orders are approved and payment terms are followed. Turnaround times for custom t shirt orders start at 7-10 days minimum. See our section for turnaround times for an in depth explanation. We do not deal in third-party transactions. Please forward the person in charge of payment, releasing funds, etc to our sales or management representative, to negotiate and close the job. In short who we communicate with is responsible for all transactions and approvals, unless otherwise negotiated by our management. We communicate via email for all approvals. Phone approvals are at the discretion of the sales manager. Customers are responsible for proof reading the final draft and correcting any spelling or grammatical errors. We are not responsible for errors caught after approval is given to us to proceed. Payment is expected IN FULL once your garments/job is completed. After final payment is made you will be able to schedule a time for pickup or setup delivery. All garments are counted and inspected multiple times before they are released. If you have any issues with you garments, please check the Spoilage and Returns/Refund sections to see if you qualify.

Artwork Delivery
Artwork delivered by the client must be HIGH RESOLUTION 300 DPI/PPI resolution files only. All artwork will be inspected by the designer and recommendations will be given to each client if anything doesn't meet our requirements. We do not guarantee the artwork will not be pixelated if the initially supplied images aren't meeting the quality standard. Artwork is on an image by image basis. Each image is different and requires different steps to meet vector requirements. In the event we can supply you with our images we will, but ultimately we do what the client requests. There are no returns or cancellations for artwork authorized by the client, in the event it goes against the recommendations of our design staff. Images accepted are ai, eps, pdf, png with transparent background

Artwork orders must be signed or approved via email, text, or FB Messenger before your order will begin processing.

Images from other website catalogs are generally not accepted unless appropriate permissions are granted. Absolutely no pictures of a picture will be accepted.

Please visit the following link to better understand the process and need for high resolution photos: https://vsellis.com/understanding-dpi-resolution-and-print-vs-web-images/

Artwork Fees (DTF Transfers)

Depending on complexity of artwork. The artwork fee can range from $10 -$75 PER DESIGN. We do not allow for artwork just "to see" if it is wanted or not.

Artwork fees for accepted custom orders CAN become inclusive of the total price of the job if the custom order is accepted, UNDER THE CONDITION, that DESIGNS BY CJ, LLC can use the artwork to advertise, market, re-sell, etc. The artwork MUST be an original work, or fall under the public domain or creative commons licensing laws. Privately produced artwork for businesses, brands, etc are ALWAYS subject to an artwork fee.

Printed images can sometimes slightly differ from the output of the final proof, such as shading or light contrast. Colors will always match to the best of our color profiles allow. In the event there is a clear issue, we will always contact you directly.

Email: designsbycjnola@gmail.com

Design Submission

All designs submitted by customers must meet the requirements of Designs by CJ. We only accept digital images. Absolutely no pictures of a picture, this can fail and wastes everyone's time. All designs must be submitted with a corresponding purchase order or job name, or customer name.
Artwork fees will apply in most cases for custom work. These fees are much cheaper if you can provide us with acceptable artwork. We do not accept artwork from other companies sites, as we do not want these companies completing jobs with ours.

Order Turnaround
Most imprinted apparel orders are completed in 10-12 business days from customer deposit and both sales order and design mockup approval. This does not include company holidays, days in transit or custom art time.

Changing Orders
Changes in orders are not accepted once an order is approved. We communicate via email for confirmation in most cases.

Cancellations of approved orders will be subject to any fees incurred in processing your order. Rush orders may not be canceled. All cancellations must be made by written request via email.

We have a zero return policy for custom jobs. Care instructions will be given to each customer to properly ensure notification of how to get the best amount of time with your garments. Tears, Damage, and Manufacturers defects will be handled on a case by case basis. Often times we have the ability to fix and repress your garments. Worn or dirty garments may be refused, or cleaned before any rework is attempted.

We ship all orders vis UPS, FedEx or USPS. Customers are responsible for the cost of shipping. Shipping prices will be determined at check out.